Just Meditate is all about….meditation.  Meditation to help you sleep. Meditation for self-exploration and growth. Meditation to build resilience for chronic pain. Meditation to build the ‘mental muscle’ to help deal with life’s speed humps. Meditation to achieve the ‘relaxation response’. Even for business, both to support staff wellbeing and mental focus for success.

After meditation helped me deal with many big things in life (including a near death experience) I realised meditation is far more than a fluffy feel good.  It’s an invaluable life skill. I created Just Meditate to help people learn this vital life skill, and to use it in a way that supports and nourishes each person.

Sometimes people try meditation and are put off because the style or teacher didn’t agree with them, or perhaps because they weren’t able to stop their thoughts within a session or two.  As with finding a sport or hobby, it can take some experimenting to find what is right for you. To help see if Just Meditate is right for you, I am creating an “audio” page of demos and samples.  I’ll also  add downloadable meditation albums for various purposes.  To stay up to date be sure to pop back or join one of our free facebook groups.

​Nameste.  Leah x



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