I used to think I couldn't meditate. My brain was like the city center  at peak hour.  I didn't like myself much; I was somehow 'broken'.

Meditation helped me find a better version of myself, helped me sleep and generally feel better about life.

After meditation helped me face a life-threatening illness without completely loosing my sanity, I decided that if i lived i would share this beautiful gift with others.  In fact I'd done meditations for family and friends and was told i had a good voice for it. So formal study was the next step. 

Just Meditate was born in 2018 to support people in their own meditation, and life  journeys.    Meditation 4 Chronic Pain, Meditation 4 Sleep. Relaxation. Personal Development. Meditation 4 purpose.

I look forward to working with you. 


Leah  x



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