Mind Too Busy to Meditate?

December 21, 2018

Some people think they can’t meditate because their mind is too busy. Worry about the boss, bills, relationships or illness. Thoughts can get as frantic as Southern Cross Station at peak hour. So how do you stop a Southern Cross Mind so you can meditate?


The good news is...you don’t have to.


The brain’s single job is to give us a live feed on our lives, our own personal YouTube channel. Our brain is wired to chatter. We don’t have to try to shut it off, it's just doing its job.


So what about meditation? The mind’s chatter can definitely slow down with practice. But as a short term goal, it’s enough to tune into those thoughts and become aware of any themes or threads. To be an observer of our own mind.


Once we are consciously aware of the chatter, we can start choosing what that YouTube station in our head's broadcasting!




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