How often, and for how long, should you meditate?

January 4, 2019

People new to meditation often ask about the time commitment.  Is it something you do for an hour once a week or is ten minutes each day okay?


The answer is different for each of us. There is no "minimum". No right or wrong. If you're looking to develop a daily practice, you may find it helpful to start small.


The key is to listen to your inner wisdom and do what feels right.  If you get frustrated with your busy mind today, try meditating for another minute to see if it slows down - and then let yourself try again the next day.  Similarly, if you're really 'into' a session, there is no reason to stop simply because the clock says so.  As you start meditating regularly you'll develop an awareness of your own capacity and rhythms.


If you're looking for a rule of thumb while you find your own rhythms: beginners should aim for a short and regular practice.  10 minutes, 3 days a week is a good start, slowly increasing as you become more confident.  As you build up, aim for 20-30 minutes a day.


Consistency is the key.  It's more important to keep coming back to meditation than "binge meditating".  You know about binge diets?  Binge meditating is similar - and just as discouraging. You don't want to over do the intensity and burn yourself out. 


If the idea of a long session fills you with dread, reduce the time to something more manageable.  You can always build up.  


And kind to yourself.





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